Creating a Jira Service Desk customer request via public java API ( on Jira 8 (JSD 4) does not start SLA

Dear community members.
We’ve recently found ourselves in a pickle: the public Java API for Jira Service Desk 4 (Jira 8) does not seem to work as expected, while the REST API (which internally seems to use the same java API) does! More specifically, the com.atlassian.servicedesk.api.request.ServiceDeskCustomerRequestService.createCustomerRequest ( ) seems to create issues which do not have SLAs started.
Here’s a repository with a sample plugin, that uses the aforementioned Java API:
Basically that plugin schedules a background thread (a Runnable to be executed every 10 seconds on a single-threaded executor) upon the plugin startup. And the aforementioned thread uses the Service Desk Java API to create a customer request for a fixed project:

                CustomerRequest customerRequest = serviceDeskCustomerRequestService.createCustomerRequest(proxyAppUser, serviceDeskCustomerRequestService.newCreateBuilder()
                                FieldInputValue.withValue("Test issue from com.idalko.sla_api_test app #"+new Date().getTime())
                                FieldInputValue.withValue("Default description")


It is expected that the newly created issue has the SLA clock started and running, since it matches the SLA configuration

However, in reality, there is no SLA started for the created customer request:

It would seem that this problem should normally touch more than one vendor. Is there a chance anyone have seen this behaviour before? Would there be any workaround / fix?

Regards, Serhiy