Creating a macro in confluence that reads and writes to external Oracle DB using REST APIs

Hi All,

I am working on a macro that when used in a page will has two buttons a GET and a POST. Both the GET and POST calls will talk to a external Oracle database using the REST Apis exposed on the database. Can someone please help me in figuring out a right way to accomplish my task ??


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Hi @pamuru.sasikant,

I’m guessing theoretically, you can add a REST Template call in the execute part of your Macro class, add parameters for you macro to query for. There are a lot of good reference in the marketplace for this, like how they present their queries and such, that you can learn from.

Anne Calantog

Hi @acalantog ,

Thank you for the reply.

You mean to say i can both post the data and read the data from external Db ? I believe everything that is available out in the market place can only read the data from DB to Confluence. I want to read from and write back to the DB.

I have my APIs ready for GET and POST,all i need is how can i use them in my macro implementation. Adding this to my execute part of Macro works ?

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Thank You