Creating custom field type depending on issue key in forge

I try to create a custom field type and its view will depend on the issues that instances of it are added. For example, if a custom field created from this type is added to ABC-1, it will give some info about ABC-1, when it is added to ABC-2 it will give some info about ABC-2. Previously, I was able to achieve this with jira:customField module. I was able to get the key of the issue on which the custom field is added by using useProductContext(). However, in custom field types, this gives access to the custom field configuration (which is quite normal :smiley: ). I wonder whether there is some kind of placeholder that can help me to create a view depending on issue key?

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Accordingly to there is an issue key in the extension context so you should be able to do the same check as you do for a jira:customField module type. Could you please share your code so we could check what you are trying to achieve and why it doesn’t work for you?


I found it now :smiley: