Creating Sub sprints


is it possible to create Sub or child sprints on Jira Cloud?


  1. Sprint 1
    1.1 Sprint 1.1
    1.2 Sprint 1.2
    1.3 Sprint 1.3

Thanks in advance

As far as I know, it’s not possible to create sub sprints.

Technically, you should be able to create something like:
sprint 1: from 09.11.2022, till 22.11.2022
sprint 1.1: from 09.11.2022, till 15.11.2022
sprint 1.2: from 16.11.2022, till 22.11.2022
Just there is no hierarchy between those sprints, only dates overlap. Additionally, depending on your Jira settings you might not be able to have 2 active sprints at once.

Not technically speaking, sprints are part of scrum framework and sub sprints rather don’t fit it. If you desire to visualise something like LESS, Nexus or other framework with Jira for multiple teams then it is possible and from experience I can say it works pretty well. Just it’s not done with single scrum type board.