Creating two tabs in space settings


I have an app with two tab in the space setting module:

    - key: rename-space-key-space-setting

      resource: main


        function: resolver

      title: Space Key

    - key: space-template-setting

      resource: test


        function: resolver

      title: Space Templates

It shows these two tabs correctly, but there are a problems here. Both tabs are selected by default. it seems that tab’s key is same so both tabs are selected in the same time. So I can’t click on the second one to change its content:

Do you know how can I fix this problem?

Hi @SiamakBahojbFerdos,

This is a bug on our side. I’ve created [FRGE-681] - Ecosystem Jira which you can follow for updates.


Hi @SiamakBahojbFerdos, thanks for reporting the issue.

We added a route param to confluence:spaceSettings module, which will be added to the app URL. This should resolve an issue, as this param must be unique across all spaceSettings modules in the same app.