Credit card warning for free apps is misleading to customers

In December 2021, Atlassian announced Marketplace support for a free pricing tier (1 - 10 users). This is great! And I’ve opted-in to the free tier on my own marketplace listing.

However, there seems to be a problem in which Jira’s “My Apps” page is warning users they will be billed for the free application after their “trial” ends. (Please see attached screen shot.)

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there someplace more appropriate I can report it? It would be great if either the warning wasn’t displayed, or if it was displayed with a dollar amount. In the latter scenario, the message might say that your credit card will be billed for $0.00. This is how the actually Billing feature in Atlassian displays it.

I’ve seen this cause concern and confusion for users as the end of their trial approaches. And unfortunately, the only way to verify that the app will actually be free is to confirm the pricing on the app listing. Some users won’t know to do that. It’s much easier to just press “Stop Trial”