Critical Outage : Confluence REST API by Atlassian - Help

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Summary: Current Critical Outage, 2 hours + and as of yet no response to tickets, messages or posts
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Hi Team Atlassian,

There is currently a critical outage with the Confluence REST API which several vendors and thousands of customers depend on. We have followed the escalation path given to vendors up to this point.

However, it seems Atlassian is not actively monitoring vendor tickets even while rolling out untested code updates that are breaking the platform? Feel free to correct me on that (I love to be wrong about such things) but it seems to be the only explanation. And when I say untested its because any basic integration test would have caught this.

I know times are crazy right now in the world. However, that’s all the more reason to either not roll out changes if you’re understaffed to test or fix things when they break.

We’ve detailed this breakage and easy steps too reproduce here public to this community
and here (not public)
and here (not public)

The real question here is:

When Atlassian breaks the platform in a critical way and we have a trivial reproducer how do we escalate in a way that works? Because the current state of affairs seems that there is no working path.


Thank you!

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Cross posting response from our Dev Advocacy team:

Page does not exist :frowning:

Apologies @claudioac. It’s in a gated portion of the developer community.

Latest update from @mpaisley (Can you please provide status updates here as well?): The team are in the deployment phase now which can take a few hours, so i’ll update you in about an hour to let you know how it’s going.

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Thanks so much @WarrenChen!! The updates have been awesome from @mpaisley and @rwhitbeck and you and several others.

Looking forward to getting the scoop/debrief afterwards on what happened and a meeting to streamline the escalation path. I’m sure its not efficient for you guys to be receiving messages from me and others across 6 sites, channels and paths escalating till we got traction. That ended up being my whole day as well, which is fine. I am motivated as I’m confident you are to stem reoccurrence.

Since traction the response has been excellent! Cheers!

It appears this might now be fixed. Light testing affirms this. Thank you for you attention and efforts!!!

@WarrenChen please let me know about the debrief in my last post :arrow_heading_up: or who I should chat with.

@brendan I’m glad the issue has been resolved. Thanks goes to @Andrew_Golokha @rwhitbeck @mpaisley for working with the product engineering teams on the resolution.


Thanks, @WarrenChen! Agreed, many thanks to @rwhitbeck, @mpaisley, and @Andrew_Golokha.