Critical use cases in Jira

Please find below use cases:

  1. In a transition screen If the “counter party” field is False then the Counter party’s first and last name fields should not be mandatory and it is optional. If it is “Yes” these fields will be mandatory.

  2. Restrict People to mention Estimated cost (What will be the estimated cost in USD) based selected category by the end user in the customer portal. if it is 1500 USD then stakeholder should not add value more than 1500 USD.

  3. User input: Rejection reason should be provided by the Lead approver/Cost center head/Business Finance/Commercial team . There should be a message box which will capture the reason and same should be sent to Business stakeholder.
    Technically: During the time of approval/decline a transition screen should be populated with comment body so an trigger user can be able to add the rejection reason).

As a Jira admin i can understand that feature is not available right now but very keen on take this to to atalssian developers.