Crypto Error using t.loadSecret()

Using the t.storeSecret(x,y) to store a third-party authentication token that the user requested on a specific board. This works for about 24 to 48 hours, then on a t.loadSecret(x), I get a crypto error. The value “x” is a simple string with the account name associated with the third-party account. However, in digging in it appears that the secret is GONE or CORRUPTED and Trello is no longer retrieve it. Like it was deleted, or the hash/salt was lost.

There is not a lot of documentation around using this capability, so I might need to seek alternatives, but thought I would ask here first.

Any idea why this is happening? Any reason why the secret is removed/corrupted after some timeframe? Has anyone else seen this or have ideas on how to get this to work? Or any alternative to storing something sensitive like a token?

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This has not garnered a response for a week now.

Is there anyone else having a problem with this API item, or is it just me?
Trello - do you have anything to add about this?