CSE does not work


I tried out the following example for CSE Getting Started - Client-side Extensions . No extensions from the example appears on the screen. Clicking on the My Custom Page, I have got the following error on the screen.

Failed to load extension: com.atlassian.myapp.bitbucket-plugin-template:extensionspagesmy-custom-page-extension.js

I did not find any error in the log of the running (local) server even I had the following logs about the found extensions

Neither the browser debugger shows any error or useful information, that something went wrong.

Can you help me?

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Hi @rob23, welcome to the dev community and thanks for reporting the problem. I updated the version of CSE in the template repository used in the example:

Can you please pull the changes and check if you still have the same problem or if you can see the custom page:

From your screen I can see that you are using Windows OS, is that right?

We have an open issue related to Windows OS and CSE: atlassian / atlassian-clientside-extensions / issues / #7 - The plugin does not work when build on Windows — Bitbucket

I’ll update the thread once we merge the fix and release the hotfix.

Maciej Adamczak
Atlassian Developer

Hi @madamczak!

Thank you for your fix! It works as expected.

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