Custom excel reports

Hi all.
I followed the tutorial to have my custom report and it works but, if I want it in excel view, JIRA alyays envelops my report into the following tags:

<html><head><title>My Report Title</title></head>
here my report follows ...

and so neither LibreOffice nor MSOffice are able to open it correctly.
If with a text editor I remove these tags, all is ok:
I see that all is due to the view read by dispatchView function in JiraWebworkViweDispatcher class: the read view is “:report-result/JIRA.Templates.Core.Reports.Result.excel”
There is a way to change it ? Where am I wrong ?


Francesco, I don’t you will be able to override the behavior of that built-in class and method, but you could check if you can somehow by-pass that. Maybe there is some configuration option in the plugin XML for the view element to turn that off.

Or, you could try implementing your report with the Better Excel Plugin.

Disclaimer: this is a paid app and I am the developer, but due to its customization possibilities it fits your use case and you can save the future maintenance work, so definitely something to consider.

Thanks for your tips but I had not this problem in JIRA 4.1.1 and I’m having this just now. Surely there is the way to have a correct excel file by my own