Custom field with list of values

Hi, I am writing a plugin ( my first ) and am trying to create a custom field with options( list of values ) to be used in a jira issue. There will be multiple fields like this one and I’d like to keep them in one place to ease setup.

Would it be accurate to say that I should create a Plugin admin configuration form, and add a custom field to input a list of values? I would then be able to use this list as options for a custom field I am adding to the jira issue view/edit page?

For example, I want the user of the plugin to define a list of values such as [red, blue, yellow]. Then in view/edit for a specific project issue, the user would only be able to select from this list.


Hi, I think the approach you descibed is ok. I would use AbstractMultiCFType to be extended. You can use MultiSelectCFType as inspiration for your implementation and implement similar methods (you probably won’t need all of them).
It is usefull to download Jira source files (if you have valid licence) and use its templates as source of knowledge. You will need something similar to templates/plugins/fields/view/view-multiselect.vm and templates/plugins/fields/edit/edit-multiselect.vm templates.