Custom fields in iframe when creating issue from my website's frontend?

I am building an issue management system which has integration with Jira. Currently using jira rest api to create issues from backend. But the problem is sometimes the issue creating is failing for customers who have some custom required fields. As I can see there are lots of custom fields with different datatypes.

Is there anyway I can bring these custom fields inside iframe in frontend so that users can access all the custom fields when creating the issue ?

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @AswinKumarKP.

The short answer is “no”. Jira does not iframe well. Eventually you will run into CSP problems.

What you might be able to do is “hand off”. For example, Jira does have a “naked” UI for creating issues at /secure/CreateIssue!default.jspa. The flow looks like something that should work in an iframe (but doesn’t). Iframe or not, it probably is best to delegate this flow to Jira.