Custom jira Release Note

I’m wondering if it’s possible to customize jira server Release note to retrieve files that have been modified and developers that did the modification .

If you want to customise the existing Release Notes page, you will need to change the templates in the Jira instance installation path. You can do a search for releasenotes-html.vm and releasenotes-text.vm. However, this will only work for your local instance and will make upgrading Jira more difficult as the files will be replaced during the upgrade. This means you will need to apply your changes after each upgrade.

An alternative approach would be to create an add-on which generates the release notes exactly the way you want them to be. You can leverage the Jira REST API or, if you are creating a P2 add-on for Jira server, utilise the JAVA components that are exposed to the add-on.

Yes that’s exactly one of the problem we thought about. If there’s any useful documentation you can share about creating add-on to generate the Release Note

Is it for Jira Server or Jira Cloud?
EDIT: I just did a quick search on the Atlassian Marketplace and such an add-on already exists:

it’s for Jira server

I would consider an evaluation of the Automated Release Notes for Jira add-on as it seems like this would solve your problem. Looking at the pricing I think it would be less expensive compared to developing & maintaining a DIY solution. I’m sure @anand would be more than happy to help you with any questions!

Thank you, i’ll take a deep look in it

Thanks @remie!
@ilyassearajoum you may want to take a look at our add-on ‘Automated release notes for Jira

It can pretty much retrieve & use any issue attribute within Jira. Let me know if you have any specific questions & I’d be happy to help.

Thank’s i 've just download it , i’ll give it a try and get back to you