Custom Mail Handler and Issue Commented Events

We have created a custom mail handler for JIRA 7.3.7 that allows us to take the email and make a comment within an issue and label it accordingly (external vs. internal). We use Notification Assistant add-on to send out all customer / internal communications via email using events.

The mail portion of this works as intended but the event that is fired is not working for internal comments.

We look up the sender to see if they are customer of the JSD and if they are, we make the comment external and raise an event. The event is raised and the communication from Notification Assistant is applied and send out correctly.

With the same regard, if the comment is internal, we set the comment and then trigger the event through the method call (

Comment comment = commentManager.create(issue, sender, null, body, null, null, new Date(), null, properties, true, false);

As you can tell, we are passing true to fire the event but JIRA doesn’t seem to be firing or surpressing the event and notification assistant isn’t picking it up.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Is that the correct method that we should be using to try and fire the event?
  2. Does JIRA supress events for internal comments via mail handlers?
  3. Is there a way, within a mail handler, to just fire an event (e.g. Issue Commented) that JIRA will pick up?


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