Custom Module Types

Hi Everyone,

remembering a session from the Atlas Camp in Amsterdam a few years ago, we came back to the idea of plugins for plugins. Thinking about that, we would like to provide a custom plugin module, to allow other vendors, to integrate their plugin in ours.

I used the Module Type Plugin Module a few times already, but only internal and the implementation is clear to me, as much as how to communicate the plugin modules, who implement the custom plugin module type. But we only did this internal until now.

What is unclear for me now is, how other plugin vendors can include the module type and the corresponding java interface into their plugins. Do we have to provide it as maven dependency or is there another more elegant way?

Thank you for your help in advance.



Providing it as a maven dependency is best – other plugin vendors are likely to be building their version 2 plugins via Maven, so this will be simple for them.


Thank you @tdavies for clarifying it.

I am still in Barcelona, enjoying the city and processing all the impressions from Summit and AtlasCamp. So I didn’t have the chance to try it out. But I will in the next days.

I created a detailed article about it: