Custom Time Stamp Field

I am interested in creating a Custom Time Stamp field with Javascript.

Not sure where to get started.

Please feel free to shoot tips at me my fellow Atlassians!!!

Hi Cameron. What’s your experience with writing add-ons? Are you targeting JIRA (as opposed to Confluence or BitBucket, etc)? Do you want to deploy your add-on in JIRA Server or JIRA Cloud?

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Thanks for swift reply.

I am targeting Jira cloud.

I need it for a board.

I am pretty novice with add-ons. But I am decent with code–so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Since you are targeting JIRA Cloud, you’ll need to create an Atlassian Connect add-on. Maybe the time stamp field will be an Issue Field. Alternatively, you could store the field values as entity properties. Be aware that you cannot modify the HTML page for JIRA itself; you can only have the add-on inject your own UI stuff as iFrames in various pre-defined locations. You’ll find out more about those mechanics in the Atlassian Connect Documentation.