Custom UI invoke call throws 413

I have been debugging this problem for a couple of hours now, with no progress!!

So the situation is I’m running a Custom UI React App that makes calls to the resolvers using Invoke.

  • The first invoke call works fine which returns a body with a size around 200kb ( contains base64 images that need authentication to be displayed, so I can’t use the images link directly in the frontend )
  • The second invoke call is called when a button is clicked and only returns a boolean with no arguments passed. throws a 413 error without even reaching the resolver function.

I found that there’s a limit of 200kb on the combined payload sent in a single request, I could be wrong but isn’t a single invoke call considered a single request? because right now it looks like it’s the sum of all the previous invoke calls ( tried changing the images amount and the second invoke call works fine when the first call is below 200KB ).

And is there a way to bypass it or work around it? Or is there a better approach that I can consider?