Custom UI item for issues in backlog


I’m new to application development for Jira Cloud (just got the Hello World example to work) and need some help where to look for the next step for my specific needs. I would like to add a custom UI item with some text (the blue one) to the left of the items for story points, issue key, epic link and version in the backlog view. What models should I look into? Is there any good tutorial close to my needs?


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@PederAlm - I’ll inquire further with some of my colleagues, but AFAIK, adding custom lozenges to the board card layout isn’t possible. What is possible is adding up to three custom fields below the issue summary. See docs here.

In the example below, I have a custom field (label type) with a value Clab3 located right below the issue summary text.

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I really would like to avoid using the Card layout feature because it doubles that page height for the backlog, and the overview gets lost. With modern wide screens there are often plenty of room to add more items on the same row. Often I have 50% white space on a row, not used for anything.
A possibility would be to be able to set the the suggested custom fields on the same row as the Summary. But I would rather have the flexibility to change the card layout as I like, because I have many ideas for this.

Then, is it possible to take control over the content over the label and story points object (the two gray areas)?