Custom UI will not be reloaded with config

Your team recently landed support for custom UI macros. It is possible to use MacroConfig with a custom UI and access it’s content through the context variable in resolvers. However, changing configuration does not trigger a rerendering of the custom UI. This in turn means that a custom UI macro needs a page reload to work properly. This can only be regarded as a bug and there are multiple ways to fix this bug (IMHO).

  • always rerender the custom UI when a config change is made (the default for UI kit)
  • provide a setting in the manifest for when to reload
  • emit a reload event to the IFrame containing the macro

I would greatly appreciate it if this bug would be closed soon.
All the best

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Hey Lennard,

This is an important request—I’ll forward it onto the team and in the meantime I’ve also opened a ticket on our public tracker (

Cheers for raising it and we should have a response soon.