Custom UI with jira:globalPage gets padded with empty space


Happy that we now can create Forge apps with jira:globalPage!
In doing that I ran into getting a “dead empty space” around my globalPage.

Is it possible to get rid of it or minimize it?

Attaching a screenshot, where I’ve set the background to grey to make it clear where this “dead space” is:


@freatt Hi !
Glad to hear you like GlobalPage :slight_smile:

From what I can tell You are using Custom UI for the GlobalPage. Could You please provide more information about targeted element ?

I’m asking because everything up to the top of html document can be adjusted however you like using CSS. Example of adjusting html document to height: 10%:

One thing regarding the size of the entire globalPage module. The height of the whole module is calculated from 100% of the screen height (doesn’t matter if its UI Kit or Custom UI), so it will stretch anyway.


You can set the layout for your module to basic, it will get rid of the title, the top margin, and the right margin.

  - key: global-page
    title: Global Page
    layout: basic

The left margin is controlled by the outer div of our iFrame and the layout: basic does not help, so just raise a request to Atlassian and see how they react.

This is the screenshot of the basic layout:

Hope it helps

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Hi @nhac.tat.nguyen thanks for the tip!

With layout: basic I’m getting just that left side margin of “dead space”, so much better but still unclear why that should be there.

Being new here, with raising a request to Atlassian - do you mean creating an issue in the Forge Jira Forge - Issues - Ecosystem Jira ?


My example was a bit bad - the problem is the left side margin, as shown in the example by @ nhac.tat.nguyen.