Custom View in BitBucket for SonarQube scan results and Git Blame data


I have a DevSecOps pipeline that is triggered on PR creation in BitBucket, calling to a Jenkins job which runs a SonarQube static code analysis scan and reports this back to BitBucket… the requirement I’m given is to take the SonarQube report details (I’ll figure this part out) and append them to the Git ‘Blame’ data so my precious developers don’t have to take a minute or two to click through to another part of the UI where they can view the ‘blame’ data via the usual BitBucket view…
In summary, I have to create a custom view for data pulled in from a SonarQube scan and present it in the UI for the pull request in BitBucket… hope this makes sense… basically: “How do I create a custom view/UI in BitBucket that pulls in data from a 3rd party service?”