Customer instance hasn't updated to latest app version

Can customers disable the automatic rollout of new app versions to their Jira Cloud instances? I’m seeing errors in our logs indicating that a particular customer is still running on an old app descriptor. Specifically, we’re seeing webhook error notifications from that Jira Cloud instance because of Jira expressions that we’ve long-since changed. How can this happen?

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Hi @david.pinn,

I don’t know of any way that a customer can configure their site to prevent automatic upgrades, but there are circumstances where the latest version of an app may not be installed. If the descriptor was modified such that the app’s payment model or scopes changed, then a customer administrator will need to manually install the updated version of the app. Another scenario relates to customer billing issues. In this case I thought the app may be uninstalled, but I would need to double check that.

To investigate further, you could create a ticket with the Marketplace team as we would likely need to know the customer in question.

Edit: And additional scenario causing an app not to be automatically updated is when the hosting URL of the app has changed.


Done. Thanks Dugald.

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