Customer permission for service desk

I’m trying to build an app for JSD Cloud using JIRA’s permission system. Currently I want to figure out if a user is a customer, service desk agent, project administrator or global administrator. I’m using the ‘GET /rest/api/2/mypermissions’ REST API endpoint and I think I have identified the correct permissions for all of them accept for the customer one. I’m looking for something like SERVICEDESK_CUSTOMER. Does anyone know if there is any of the permissions that correspond to a service desk customer?

Hi @julia,

Is this for the logged in user or for any user? Maybe you can use:

GET /rest/api/2/myself


Hi @acalantog,

Thanks for your response! Yes it is for the logged in user I’d like to know the permissions. I realized that I left out that I need the permissions for a specified service desk (or rather I’d like to know the user’s permissions for every service desk if possible).

Maybe you could use the /rest/servicedeskapi/servicedesk/{serviceDeskId}/customer end-point. Specification is here.

There’s a /rest/servicedeskapi/servicedesk end-point that will return you a list of all service desks.

@david.pinn thanks for your answer! I ended up using the second endpoint you mentioned for the customer permission and the ‘mypermisisons’ request for the other permissions.

Nice! Thanks for the update.