CustomField API Invalid Value

Hi all,

Has anyone hit problems from today (19th Aug) with Trello Custom Fields Power-Up customField values not updating through the API?

With no code changes made, as of today the REST put response is returning “Invalid value for custom field type”

Example ruby code is:
jsondata = {“value”: {“number”: “1”}}
jsonheader = {“Content-Type”: ‘application/json’}

HTTParty.put(“{card}/#{customField}/#{customFieldid}/item?key=#{mykey}&token=#{mytoken}”, :body => jsondata, :headers => jsonheader)

This is happening on all customFields (number, text and dropdown)
Adding and removing labels works through the API

Have there been any changes to the API?


For anyone else coming to this from Google …

This line … jsonheader = {“Content-Type”: ‘application/json’} no longer works

It is now … jsonheader = {“Content-Type” => ‘application/json’}

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