CustomField cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown

Hi! I have a question. ive customfield_xxxx in issues and two project on jira, but im not an admin.
I can change my custom field using PUT request with body (just example):
“fields”: {
“customfield_xxxx”: {
“link”: “xxxx/rest/api/2/issue/xxx/customfield_xxxx/1234”,
“name”: “example”,
“id”: “1234”,

this request is executed my second account (bot) for two project with same custom fields (customfield_xxxx ).
But ive problem : On the first project, the field changes, but not on the second project.... I personally can send this request myself, and the field will change. (its important)
Its my bad, or mb my bot dont have permissions, or what.
The bot is also able to send comments to issue without problem on first and second, but not change customfield on second.

P.S. a`m not a pro, but i think you pro and you will can help me)