Customfield Custom UI for render/view

Hi @all,

I can’t find a valid entry point for the “render”/view with Custom UI for the jira:customFieldType module. Documentation states that it is available:

It states that the function property to be used. I’ve tried function, adding a resource property instead of function, adding a view/render property with an attached resource. None of the mentioned worked. So the question is: How do I do this? What am I doing wrong?

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Hi @a.yessipovskiy ! Welcome to atlassian developer community!

Custom UI is not available for the view render function of Custom Field module - you can use only UI Kit or formatter to customise the view. Custom UI can be used only in edit property of the module.

You can check in that the resource property can be used only in edit and contextConfig entry point, for default view it is not possible. The rendering section states that the function can be used - the function means UI Kit.


Hi @KamilRichert and thank you for the prompt answer. Do you know whether there are any plans to provide the Custom UI functionality for the view?

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No, there are no plans for that due to performance issues. I hope that UI Kit to render view is sufficient and just a note: you have still the edit view when you can use more complex view.

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