Customfield(s?) are not showing up in Jira

Cannot add multiselect fields to project.
1 - Create new jira project
2- Add new multiselect field to jira. Also add it to all screens of previously created project.
3 - create new issue. Added multiselect field is missing. Clicked where is my field - sometimes crashes (internal 500) sometimes displays all green.
4 - fine - I create issue without this field.
5 - open newly created issue. Fields are flashing but when page loading is finished, then fields disappear. So we cant edit anything on these fields.
6 - Again try “Where is my field” sometimes jira crashes, sometimes shows all green.
7 - After X minutes field appears.
7 - via REST its possible to store data even when the field is missing from screens. And then activity log displays that I have updated field value, but on the jira issue view there no field value.

Have validated it in multiple environments and it started today. Even some of our customers started to complain about losing data.

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Still “Internal Server errors” on this topic…