CustomFields show as "ElementVersionDTO()" instead of actual value in rest api response

My project migrated to using JIRA V8.10. I tried to check the json response associated with a rest api request for one of the issues in order to get the “affected Element version” field. In the older JIRA version the json response contained a field “customfield_10008” under which the “affected element version” was found.
e.g query in browser :

However, now instead of the version i get “ElementVersionDTO()”. What does this mean? Is this field no longer available for rest API in this JIRA version?

Note: I have a VBA script that extracts the issues based on a custom querry with specific fields including the one mentioned above. However now all the fields seem to be ok except for the ones related to version information e.g (Affected Element Version, Realised Element version, Targeted Element Version)

Hello @SohaibBaloch

There is no mention in the Jira 8.10.0 v2 REST API docs of any thing / object called ‘Affected Element Version’, ‘Realised Element Version’ or ‘Targeted Element Version’ in relation to issues or custom fields, so whatever they were, they may have been deprecated all that time ago. You may have to go digging through all the old documentation and release notes from back then, since Jira Server v8.10 is already more than a year old.