Customize JIRA UI across multiple pages

How do you augment JIRA UI e.g. show a clickable icon on all pages in a screen location of my choice? I might want to include JS and CSS and possibly configure on which page I don’t want to see the icon

I am new to JIRA dev and I don’t see any help in the documentation for this. I don’t believe web fragments will work for this.

Perhaps a web resource plugin and then display the icon using JS via the admin banner. Not sure if this will work and seems a bit of a hack. I prefer to implement something in a plugin where I will have the option to use velocity also

Any help will be welcomed!

Server/DC or Cloud?

Where are you trying to add the icon? Ideally you target web-items since those don’t manipulate the dom.

Server v8.5.4

I want to add icon lets say right top corner of a page and should be visible at all times and might interact with the icon using JS

As example, I can see something similar has been done for the Agile Clock plugin (although not sure if its fixed location or not)

I thought web-items are for links and can only be added to specific locations