Customized Test Execution Report

Hi All,

We use Zephyr along with JIRA to carry out testing and recording defects. I am interested in getting data that shows a link between Test Cycle -> Individual Feature Getting Tested -> Individual Step Tested -> Any Defect raised for the step. Though all this is available on screen, defects raised are not exported against a test cycle. So I have thought of developing this kind of report using JIRA SDK. Any idea if this is possible? Are the required fields (or data) exposed through SDK so that a report can be prepared?

Thanks for any suggestions.

You’ll need to take a look at Zephy’s api at Zephyr Documentation about how to extract out the data. If you’re wanting to expose the data in JIRA then has you covered.

Our PDF View Plugin can work with test steps, execution and step results per executions - also including the defect reported against a test execution and against a single step execution. See some samples here.

You may want to learn about the integration and check if you could custom tailor the template to your needs.