Dashboard item titles

Jira Cloud allows a user to rename a dashboard item via a ‘Rename’ item in the dashboard’s menu. That’s cool, right?

The Atlassian Connect JavaScript API also provides the Jira.setDashboardItemTitle(title) function. Also cool.

Now, what if my dashboard item wants to set the title to something derived from its configuration (a derivation of the filter that the user specifies) UNLESS the user has explicitly provided a title? There doesn’t seem to be a way for my dashboard item’s JavaScript code to discover the user-specified title.

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Hey @david.pinn,

This is because we added the ability for users to rename dashboard items for the UI after the ACJS API was already in place, so there was no need to consider this type of logic when we developed the API. Definitely a useful improvement that you’re suggesting. I will raise an issue internally.


Hey Dave, is there a trackable Jira issue that you can point me to? I’d like to take advantage of that improvement for our customers as soon as it’s available.