Dashboard template

You have a few team which start to use jira in the near future. All teams will need a one or two dashboards, which are beside the project name and maybe the fix version are build on identical filter.

I think it would make sense to have a template dashboard clone it. Clone the corresponding filters, update their project id and fixversion. Then update the new dashboard with the cloned filter ids.

Now it would be nice to do this automated. The rest api is powerful enough when it comes to filter. but for the dashboards I get stuck pretty fast. Any ideas how to this or about a much better solution in the first place?

Trivial idea, but if you can re-phrase the JQLs to use the “current user” for filtering (instead of projects and fixVersion), then you can use the currentUser() JQL function and no need to duplicate dashboards!

Have you tried that?

At the end I want to have multiple dashboards. So the teamlead, qualitylead and programm manager can take the over and use them.