Data center app readiness process

Hi everyone, especially Atlassians working on the data center app readiness program,

can you give any input on the process for the data center app readiness program?
Our apps are listed as data center compatible and we do have customers actually using them in (quite big) data center installations.

What is the process going to be once the program starts?
Will apps just be accpeted or rejected?
Will apps lose their data center badge until findings are resolved (if there are any) or will there be a grace period in which agreed upon steps need to be taken?

Looking forward to knowing any further details of the process.
Cheers, Christoffer

Hey @christoffer, these are all great questions!

Once the program gets going, you’ll be able to submit a DC-compatible version of your app as a separate version on your Marketplace listing. This will trigger the review process, which (unlike a typical review) will include looking at the results of your readiness checklist and testing results. You should expect this process to take a longer (think 4-6 weeks rather than 5 days), and there might very well be some back-and-forth with Atlassian. Once it’s approved your DC version will be available in Marketplace as a full-fledged version (vs just a badge as it is today).

Now, you rightly ask what we’re going to do with all the existing apps with the old badge, which is set via the atlassian-data-center-compatible parameter. That parameter has been serving two purposes:

  1. Letting customers know (via the badge) that the vendor declares the app to be DC compatible
  2. Letting the UPM know that the app is DC compatible, and is therefore valid to be installed / updated in a DC instance

Re #1, Since we’re introducing a new, more robust program for declaring DC readiness, it might be confusing to have both the badge (old program) and full-fledged DC versions (new program). But to provide a bridge for all the existing apps in Markteplace, we’re carefully considering how to handle what we display to customers. OCNB, we haven’t yet decided the best approach.

Re #2, given all the customers that have these apps installed, we are duty bound to have UPM continue recognizing the DC parameter for existing apps. So you can expect that for some period of time we will keep the DC parameter in our data model for existing apps and UPM will continue treating it as it does today.

We’ll be providing more details on the specifics of the program in the coming months. Please watch this space. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @dparrish for the initial answers, looking forward to reading more of this.

What do you mean by “Please watch this space” - do you mean the Marketplace Vendors - General Discussion topic of the community or is something missing?

And what does OCNB stand for :grinning:? I guess these two are not in the mix:
OCNB Office of the Chief, National guard Bureau
OCNB Oswego County National Bank (Pulaski, NY)

Ah sorry. :slight_smile: OCNB == Open company, no bullshit.

Watch this space means this general discussion forum, yes. We might spin up a separate subsection on it, but we’ll keep it in the general area for now.