Dc-app-performance-toolkit - selenium_a_login test - always fail

Hello guys,

I am trying to perform performance tests according to the instructions https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/marketplace/dc-apps-performance-toolkit-user-guide-jira/#enterprise-scale-environment. Unfortunately, all tests except one pass flawlessly, but this one almost always crashes.


Exception: ('Failed measure: selenium_login - Exception', Exception('Failed measure: 
selenium_login:login_and_view_dashboard - TimeoutException', 
TimeoutException('Error in wait_until: Timed out after 20 sec waiting for
 <selenium.webdriver.support.expected_conditions.visibility_of_element_located object at 0x7f7fa056c8b0>.  |
|                                       |        |         |        | 
Locator: ('css selector', "a[data-step-key='browseprojects']")', None, None)))

Jira 8.5.8, data uploaded according to the instruction.

Anyone have any idea?

Adam Labus