Debug connected app without ngrok?

I was wondering if there’s any other way to debug a JIRA cloud, connected app application from a local computer except using ngrok (unfortunately IT do not seem to like it very much…)


Hi @ErezVishnia,

Depending on what your app needs to do, you could try an online solution such as Glitch. For example, there’s a Jira Hello World app at


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Hi @dmorrow, and thanks for your reply.

I’m working on a connected app based on ACE for node. Ideally I would like to debug the node server on my local development machine, so that I can see requests from JIRA cloud and, make outbound calls to the REST API ect ect. Therefore I don’t think glitch will fit those needs.

Since using ngrok requires opening a hole in the organization’s firewall, I can’t use it. I understand that this probably means that I cannot debug locally but I was wondering if perhaps if it’s possible to use ssl pinning, or if there’s any other solution that could be applied.
Alternatively, I could try to debug a remote machine (such as amazon ec2), but I’m not sure if this is the right place to look for how to do it


@ErezVishnia We sometimes use remote machines, where we debug ACE. The easiest to set up is on Heroku, and then stream the logs to your local terminal.
Another option we use is a AWS lightsail instance (similar to EC2, but simpler firewall setup). But setting up such an instance is more work than Heroku.

@marc, thanks for answering!
Just to make sure that I got it correctly, you are working only with logs for debug in that case? Or do you also stop on breakpoints?

On heroku, we work with just the debug logs. However you can forward the node debug port to your local machine, see:


thanks @marc!
I’ll take a look at that

As a non-standard solution, if you can tether your computer to your phone, you could avoid your orgs firewall. I do a bunch of development that way myself on public transport.