Define order of issue panels in Jira


I have created jira cloud plugin using forge. It has an issue panel.
If user has few plugins installed that use issue panel, my issue panel is shown at the bottom of the issue view.
How could user configure order of issue panels in his jira project. Wish is to configure our issue panel to be on the top.



Neither you, as app developer, nor customers/users have control over the order of issue panels. I found JRASERVER-68453 asking for the right feature but not for Cloud. I recommend asking customer support to open a feature request on Jira Cloud. And, if you are building for more than just your own company, then get your customers to watch, vote, and comment.

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I am wondering why is my plugin always on the bottom, is this because it is Forge plugin (all the other onese are older, probably Connect, plugins, like X-Ray)?
In my development project I have activated X-Ray plugn after my own and its issue panel is still above mine.