Delegating Knowledge Base to ServiceDesk

Hello! =)

Currently our JIRA Instance is available from outside the corporate network, but the Confluence instance/server isnt.

When visiting the ServiceDesk Customer Portal from outside CN the Knowledge Base articles cannot be displayed.


Is there a way to delegate the knowledge base content from an internal confluence to a JIRA instance, so that users can read them without having direct access to the server which confluence is running on?


  • Having JIRA Server exposed to internet and internal
  • Having CONFLUENCE server only internally accessible
  • Reading all the knowledgebase-stuff in ServiceDesk via outside CN / internet-access


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Your best bet is probably to ask this question over on the User Community ( ). This community (Developer Community) is more focused on developing things that use Atlassian applications as a platform/service.

That said - I don’t think that’s currently possible.