"Delete Own" Permission Confluence Cloud - REST Call

I’m trying to add a group to all the spaces within our Confluence with the permission to view, add comment/attachment and delete own permissions.

I’m able to add the view, add comment and attachment using the operations listed in the following api document : Add new permission to space

But I don’t see an option to add the “Delete Own” permission in the operations provided.

Is this permission available is the api? Can someone please help me with this?

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I’ve the same issue :confused:

Found it in the API doc:

For example, to enable Delete Own permission, set the operation object to the following:

"operation": {
    "key": "delete",
    "target": "space"

https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/confluence/rest/api-group-space-permissions/#api-wiki-rest-api-space-spacekey-permission-post:~:text=For%20example%2C%20to,delete"%2C %20%20%20%20"target"%3A%20"space" }

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@lucaweidmann Thank you very much it worked!