Deleting old apps

Can old Forge apps be deleted through the developer console? I have some apps that are no longer deployed and some that I needed to register new keys for to work around forge issues. They still show up in the developer console and I am wondering if it is possible for me to delete them. Either through the console or the command line?

Jeff Ryan

I’m not aware of a way to achieve this via the CLI, but you can indeed delete apps via the developer console (‘Settings’ => ‘Delete app’) as long as they are not in use by anyone (‘Overview’ => ‘Total installation count’ is 0), otherwise the deletion is refused:


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Thanks much @sopel

Hey @jeffryan, jumping in with some more info.

We’re currently updating app deletion for Forge, once we’re done you could delete your app even if it’s listed on Marketplace or has installations. Similar to Connect, you would have to follow some steps if the app was installed by users (or yourself), but it would be possible to delete it unlike the current state. We’ll also provide updated docs once the project ships.

We’re aiming to ship it in the coming couple of months so keep an eye on the Changelog.

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