Dependencies between 2 plugins

Hi Guys,

I have 2 plugins dependent from each others; let’s say “Plugin A” is dependent from “Plugin B”.
Sometimes, especially during heavy consumption of the environment by users, uploading “Plugin B” is taking time (around 15min ) which is causing problems on “Plugin A” (we need to disable/enable it, so, it can work).
Is that normal? Do you see there is a way to fix that?

Thank you,

Hi @rosy.salame,

May I know what kind of dependencies these plugins have with each other? And why it takes time?

Anne Calantog

Hi @acalantog,
In Plugin A, I added the following in its pom.xml:


In Plugin B, I used this in its pom.xml (to export its package so, it can be available in Plugin A):


I saw that we can import packages as optional (*;resolution:=optional), but, I’m not aware how we can do it.
What do you advice?
(for the take, it took a bit longer sometimes if we have load from uses; no errors in logs)

Thank you,