Deploy express cloud app on aws ec2

Hi Team,
I have created an atlassian connect express cloud app and have deployed it over aws ec2.
SSL is enables for the app too. Here is the app url.

But when I’m installing the app on atlassian marketplace, it is giving below error

Not able to find the issue.

Hi @pramody,

You might by chance have been affected by Marketplace Hub is not polling for cloud app descriptors - the incident has been resolved meanwhile, so it may just work now if you try again.

No @sopel . still getting the same error.

Ah, should have checked the connector right away. You are using a baseUrl that does not comply with the app descriptor specification:

Description: The base url of the remote app, which is used for all communications back to the app instance.

The baseUrl must start with https:// to ensure that all data is sent securely between our cloud instances and your app.

Your baseUrl value http://ip-172-31-41-3.ec2.internal:3000 is neither secured by HTTPS nor publicly accessible in the first place (as the name suggests, that’s a private DNS hostname only resolved internally within EC2), so fixing both should address the respectively accurate error message.

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It is coming from atlassian-connect.json file. but in this file I have added “baseUrl”: “{{localBaseUrl}}”.

Any idea where do we need to set this localBaseUrl ?

@sopel If I change baseUrl in json file, still the error is same.


updated descriptor link