Deployment failure in an Official Example Forge Jira App

Hi there,
I was trying out the following app:
While trying to deploy it using “forge deploy”, I am having the following error:

Deploying your app to the development environment.
Press Ctrl+C to cancel.

Running forge lint...
Error: The deploy failed due to errors in the app code. Fix the errors before rerunning forge deploy, or run forge deploy --no-verify to skip the linter.

16:10   error    missing index.html file in directory (static/spa/build) is being referenced by a custom UI resource in jira:issuePanel module  valid-resource-required

16:10   error    missing directory 'static/spa/build' is being referenced by 'main' in resources  valid-resource-required

X 2 issues (2 errors, 0 warnings)
  Issues found are not automatically fixable with forge lint.
Rerunning the command with --verbose may give more details.

Please advise.


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Did you cd static/spa && npm install && npm run build first to build the static resources that the forge command will upload to the Atlassian cloud?


Thank you for reaching out on this.
Your suggestion helped to fix this.
In addition to your suggestion, I had to execute npm install in the top level directory of the app. But I guess we need to do that always.

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