Deprecating group name-based APIs to support group renaming

On Mar 11, 2024, we’re deprecating some long-standing group REST APIs that make use of group names; this change is being made in favor of some equivalent operation REST APIs that utilize an immutable parameter, groupId, in order to better support group renaming.

You can see more detail in the DAC post here.

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Update 08/07/23

We’ve released a followup set of deprecations to complete the migration towards using groupId to support group-renaming! More can be read in our latest community post.


Hi David! I wanted to draw your attention to ECOHELP-21251, which is an annoying pain point related to this.

Hey Bogdan, thanks for reaching out! I’ll start by saying that ECOHELP-21251 is in the JIRA space rather than the Confluence space, so our approaches to our group APIs may be somewhat disjoint.

I don’t want to shortcircuit the response on that ticket, but it seems like the original response was discussing connect scopes, and why the lack of a browse users and groups permission was causing problems with contacting the /rest/api/3/group/bulk endpoint. This follows from connect apps making browser requests typically with the floor of permissions between the app itself and the user currently browsing.

That being said, on the Confluence side of things, it does bring up a good point - we don’t have an equivalent GET bulk groups endpoint available at the present, and I’m going to bring this back to my team to discuss potentially creating one.

Hopefully an adequate solution is found for your connect app in ECOHELP-21251, and thanks again for reaching out.

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Hi @DavidSkudra ,

Thank you for the announcement and the long deprecation period. Very much appreciated.

After a quick look I couldn’t help, but notice that not all endpoints that use group names are listed in the deprecation notice. Does that mean that endpoints like “Update restrictions” will still use group names after March 11th?

If not, when can we expect alternatives for these endpoints?

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Hi David! You’re perfectly right, I didn’t notice this was Confluence-related. In my defense, the only mention of Confluence was in a tag and at the link destination :slight_smile:

I agree the ECOHELP issue is a different thing, I’ll see how that goes.

I also agree with your later point, even though our app is not (yet) on Confluence: Even if an app uses only IDs internally, it’s important to make sure that it can still get the names to show to users.

Even if the API exists, it’s common that they have overly-restrictive permissions that prevent very reasonable use cases. I have at least half a dozen tickets open about this kind of stuff in Jira’s REST API… No I’m not bitter :slight_smile:

Hey @osiebenmarck,

Thanks for reaching out! We’re actually going to make a followup announcement soon (with an additional deprecation window) that includes the endpoint you listed, including a few others. Support for using groupId in place of groupName for these endpoints will be available upon announcement, and we’ll be sure to provide another long deprecation window to support migrations to the new fields, in additional to a detailed migration plan.

Thanks again for the excellent feedback,

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