Deprecating markdown in the UI Kit text component

Hey All,

The text component format property <Text format="markdown">, along with markdown support, is now deprecated and will be removed on 23 March 2021.

All Forge apps with markdown are at risk of breaking beyond this date and need to upgrade to UI kit version 0.9.0 or later to use markup syntax.


The Forge team

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Oh, this change broke quite a few pages :confused:
Just realized that what makes it even worse that markdown used to be a default option before. So this is a 180 degree shift from the initial formatting options. From the implementation perspective, this is quite a bummer, had to redo links, headers and a lot of formatting everywhere. Sad to see markdown going - I hope we will see more options to customize formatting in the future (using H1-H5, underscore, indentations and such…). I wish the Markup format was the default from the start.


Thanks for the feedback @IgorAndriushchenkp!

We are aware that this change requires a bit of effort from the developer, although we felt it was best to do this now rather than later in the future.

Markup provides us with a lot more flexibility than markdown does in terms of components, so long term we are confident this is the right choice for developers.

We plan to ship more markup components in the near future.


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Thanks for the info, look forward to more markup components in the future!

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