Deprecation of fields values Epic Link and Parent in issue history changelogs

Thanks @Hayden

That answers my question.

Looking forward to the new JQL clause for querying children and parents.

One thing I noticed yesterday is that 'IssueParentAssociation' is now being returned when you change the parent of a next-gen issue.

However, the fromString and toString do not contain the issue keys as per your example payload. They appear to have the same value as from and to.

Here is an example of what is returned when the webhook is called:

fieldsChanged: [
      field: 'IssueParentAssociation',
      fieldtype: 'jira',
      from: '11198',
      fromString: '11198',
      to: '11206',
      toString: '11206'

The issue id is still useful and it’s a great improvement for this event to now fire, but just letting you know the payload format is a little different to what is expected.



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Hi @RhysDiab

This is currently expected behaviour for Team Managed Projects (TMP) - you will be able to see this in the change logs on issues when you reparent them as well.

We do have an improvement action coming in future to return issue keys in the same way as we do for Company Managed Projects. There will be another community post which will announce this improvement, but its not currently high priority so I cannot provide a timeline just yet.


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Thanks for the info here, especially since I gather from this page that functionality like Epic Link will go away soon and that was a surprise. For example, on your page Search for Advanced Roadmaps custom fields in JQL | Jira Software Cloud | Atlassian Support it implies that the deprecation period will soon begin, not end.

There is an info note on that page that says " The Epic Link and Parent values returned in field in issue history changelogs will be deprecated on 10 December 2021 ." but unless I misunderstand you here, I think it means to say " The Epic Link and Parent values returned in field in issue history changelogs are presently deprecated and will no longer be supported as of 10 December 2021 ." Anyone who has been relying on this statement is in for a rude awakening.

It might not be a bad idea to remind your doc people that this terminology is super-important to get right and that all kinds of problems are likely to blindside your customers if they get it wrong. Because of the wording on that page, I certainly inferred I could be lazy about clicking through to this link and begin worrying on that time and that a comfortable period of transition after that time would be allowed. It was quite surprising to click through and find that this was not so.

Many software developers use this term (Deprecation - Wikipedia) improperly and a lot of confusion results, so please be careful. Thanks.

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Hi @KentPitman!

Thank you for bringing this to my attention - I was not aware that this note existed on that page. I agree with you completely that this note does not communicate clearly the intention we have around when Epic Link and Parent values will no longer be supported.

I will work to get this updated in order to avoid confusion for folks who come across it in future.

Thanks again!