Deprecation of locale in Atlassian Connect

With the deprecation of the loc parameter to provide the language selection in Atlassian Connect, what is the recommended approach to selecting the language to use in an add-on. Is it to get the language selection from the browser, or will Atlassian provide a way to select the language defined by the user in Confluence? While I expect it to be an edge case, I would like to provide a consistent language if the language selection defined in Confluence is different than that defined in the browser settings.


It is a big problem for our product too. Believe, there will be a rest point for it.

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We need to know user locale in Table Filter and Charts app. Is there any workaround?

Also in need of a workaround here. Is it possible to get the site language setting? Unfortunately it is not returned in /rest/api/settings/systemInfo

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has found a solution/workaround?


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Atlassian now provides a JavaScript API in order to retrieve the user locale:


More information here:

I know this is not the same as a context parameter and maybe not a solution if your backend requires the locale but apparently all we can get for now.

There was some discussion on this topic in the weekly GDPR updates:

Does anyone know if there has been any updates or workaround solutions on this?? Really need the locale for backend