Deprecation of PUT /wiki/rest/api/settings/lookandfeel/selected and addition of new PUT /wiki/rest/api/settings/lookandfeel/ endpoint

What is changing?

See the details of the new endpoint here.

Here is a summary of the differences in the new endpoint:

  • All request parameters (spaceKey and lookAndFeelType) are now in the request payload as a JSON object.
  • The “custom” and “theme” lookAndFeelType values can only be selected if a theme is already set for a space.
  • Since there is currently no endpoint to set the global theme, spaceKey can no longer be null to set the global settings (since one would be unable to select the “custom” or “theme” settings).

Why is it changing?

The current Set look and feel settings endpoint has a cumbersome interface, with a query parameter and a JSON string request payload; and it has unclear documentation and did not report enough errors. Since our changes are significant, we have released a new endpoint.

What do I need to do?

Developers that are using the old Set look and feel settings endpoint must transition to use the new endpoint.

By when do I need to do it?

The old endpoint will no longer be supported in 6 months. All uses of this endpoint must be transitioned to the new endpoint by this time.

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