Description is not optional in 'showFlag' interface

I am using the function showFlag, as described here with the latest @forge/bridge (2.3.0 at the time of posting).

However, when no description is provided, I get {description} string in my flag description as you can see below:

From what I understand description is optional just like buttons or title. Is this behavior intended?

HI @AmitLacher, yes, description should be optional. This behaviour is not intended, but we are unable to reproduce the bug. Can you send a code snippet of your usage of showFlag, and what module your app is using (e.g. jira:issuePanel)?

Hi @PeterYu,
Here is a code snippet that reproduce the issue for me:

		const flag = showFlag({
			id: 'some-id',
			title: title,
			type: 'warning',
			actions: [
					text: i18n.t('SOME_KEY'),
					onClick: () => flag.close()
			isAutoDismiss: true

This specifially is from jira:projectPage

Hi @PeterYu,
Were you able to reproduce the issue? let me know if you need more details.

Hi @AmitLacher,
I unfortunately still cannot reproduce the issue. Are you able to experiment with the properties and see if it is a specific configuration that causes the issue? e.g. different values for type, removing actions, etc.? And also try use your app in other modules to see if the problem exists in those too?

Hi @PeterYu,
I can no longer reproduce this issue. I guess everything is fine now.
I will report back here in case I encounter this issue again.