Description of templates at "forge create"


while using the “forge create” I’m asked for selecting a template.
Most template names have meaningful names but at a few I’m not sure.
e.g. What’s the difference between confluence-macro-typescript-ui-kit and confluence-macro-ui-kit? ( In it is written as confluence-macro )

Did I missed the explantion page for these template?


Hi @FranzBinder,

The main difference between those two templates is that one is using Typescript. If you’re just getting started with Forge, I’d recommend using the non-typescript template as it is a little more straight forward.

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,

thanks, anyway I think it would be good to describe the options somehow.

Just as feedback - I managed to get this example run.
I found an issues (hopefully because I’m new to this area):

The second step " Implement the front end" does not work with the template " confluence-macro-ui-kit"
Unexpected child type object … But this works with template confluence-macro-typescript-ui-kit

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